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What’s the difference between a million dollar travel agent and an average one?

It’s in the relationships. It’s in the personal details.

Wouldn’t it be great to have clients book with you, and only you, time and time again?

How great would it be to not only get more clients, but have each one of them love you so much that they only used you for their travels?

How much more money would you make?

Lots of travel experts make the mistake of thinking that they are simply in the travel business. They think that growth comes simply through the ability to plan and fulfill a trip. That repeat business and client referrals happen by accident.

That’s why I am proud to introduce our all-new program, the Keep in Touch Kit, our turnkey system that will deliver dozens upon dozens of new clients each and every year while retaining current clients, all while increasing referrals exponentially! 

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I’d like you to take a moment and get honest with yourself.
To get honest about the state of your current business.

Let’s be clear: The travel industry is a cutthroat business.

And in order to make good money in this business, (and have a life of your own as well) you MUST have clients that LOVE you.

This means repeat business, referrals, and higher profit margins.

There are a multitude of travel options available to people, from Kayak to Orbitz to Hotelbooker, not to mention all the other travel experts out there.

With so many travel options available, how do we become valuable?

How do we stand out from the multitude of travel planning options available?
How can we go the extra mile in ways that the big travel sites can’t?
How do we create relationships that make clients LOVE us?
How do we become so indispensable that our clients REFUSE to travel without us?

Finally, how do we create an experience that turns our clients into a referral machine?

The answer is by paying attention, keeping in touch, and adding a personal touch.

It’s about remembering birthdays. It’s about knowing they love dark chocolate, Merlot and orchids. Sending a handwritten note in the mail for no reason at all.

It’s about ensuring the hotel has the humidifier the client specially requested turned on when they arrive (true story!).

It’s about happy clients…

Put another way: It’s in the details.

It’s a nuanced approach that must be done right, but when it is, it has a POWERFUL and profound effect on your retention rates.

The good news is the Keep in Touch Kit will show you EXACTLY how to create a system so that you are indispensable, unforgettable, and top of mind to your clients.

How do I know?

Because it is the same exact system I have used to create a million dollar travel agency.

Sandy Salle

My name is Sandy Salle and I am the Founder and President of Hills of Africa Travel. We are a boutique firm that specializes in luxurious, customized safari vacations.


As a native of Zimbabwe, I was born and raised in southern Africa and was fortunate to travel and experience many parts of the continent. While now happily an American citizen, I do miss Africa, the smell of the first rains, the beautiful sunsets, and the magic of the people. Believing the next best thing to living in Africa is sharing it with others, in 2002, I co-founded Hills of Africa Travel.

Like many first time business owners, I was more ambitious than prepared. I thought that love of travel, and my ability to create a great travel experience for my clients was all it took to thrive.

What I quickly learned was that travel is a tough industry, and simply getting “1-time” clients wasn’t enough even to survive.

This is a lesson I learned quickly, so I started doing whatever I could to get more clients, and more importantly, keep the ones I had. I also wanted clients to be my biggest advocates. I wanted them to share their experiences with their friends and family.

I didn’t have an official procedure or system in place for retaining clients at the time. It was more business acumen and instinct at first, but over time my process for retaining clients evolved into a structured, disciplined system.

Now I want to share this system with you.

This system shows you how to go above and beyond with your clients, without necessarily spending more money.

Because the truth is that if you can stay top of mind, you can thrive.
If you can consistently keep in touch, you will become indispensable.

Imagine being able to go above and beyond for your clients without breaking the bank?

Becoming so beloved by your clients that whenever they travel it is ALWAYS with you.

What if you didn’t have to spend so much time and resources on getting new business because your “old business” turns over into new business time and time again?

How much more money would you make if you were SO WELL LIKED, so indispensable from current clients that you received over 90% of your new business just from referrals? That’s our actual percentage with this system.

With the Keep In Touch Kit I will show you the exact process that Hills of Africa Travel uses to create lifelong, lucrative relationships with our clients.

Just take a look at what some of our clients said about our client care strategy after booking with us.


Do those clients sound like they would ever go to Africa without us?

Do they sound like they might refer us to their friends?

The answer is obvious.

Especially if we incentivize them to do so! (Part of what you’ll learn is how to create a referral program that will be a HUGE boon to business).



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So let’s talk money.

What would you be willing to pay for all your clients to travel exclusively with you, to LOVE you, to be your biggest brand ambassadors and refer countless people to you?

Seriously… what would you pay if you could have your clients LOVE you and buy from you over and over again?

How much would that be worth in REAL dollars to you?

Well for us the answer is over a million dollars in bookings. It’s the key to our success for more than 5 years.

How many trips would you have to book for the program to pay for itself? One? 1/2 of one trip?

It’s really a no brainer. Book ONE client and the system has already returned value to you.

I’m not sharing with you any secret you don’t know (well maybe a few!).  We all know that adding a personal touch is important so I’m not charging an exorbitant price.

However, what I am sharing is the execution plan so you can stop talking about it and actually get it done.  We take the guess work out and show you the strategies, templates, ideas, and framework that we know work.

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Does the thought of asking prospects and clients for a service fee make your heart pound and your hands sweat? If so, I'm going to to show you how to transform your mindset about service fees, as well as how to ask for a service fee with confidence . . . and get it!

You read that correctly. Every month! Plus, I will have guest experts on throughout the year to add even MORE value to each call.

I developed this bonus so that as questions arise as you implement the system you have a resource to turn to. It can be hard to know how to spend all the extra money you will have!

In all seriousness, if you apply the Keep In Touch Kit system I GUARANTEE that you will see a transformation in your client relationships. We want to see you succeed and grow your travel business.

If you digest the Keep In Touch Kit System, fill out all the worksheets, fill in the Keep in Touch Calendar with your own plans, show up for the Q&A calls, and implement a minimum of three of the strategies, and you are not happy with the program and do not see an improvement in your client relationships, then I will refund your money and let you keep all the bonuses!

If you still have some objection to investing in the Keep in Touch Kit I will address some of those objections here:

“It’s too much money.”
Like I said earlier, what would it take for this system to pay for itself? One booking? Two? 1/2 of a booking? It’s a $795 investment in your business that will pay for itself over and over.

“I already have a great relationship with my clientele.”
That’s great news! Congratulations you are well on your way to nailing down one the most critical aspects of the travel industry.

But, be honest, is it perfect? Your client relationships can always be stronger.


If the answer is no then why are you even reading this? You don’t need me.
If the answer is yes, of course I could improve my relationships with clientele, then this program will help build on what you have already accomplished.

Here’s the bottom line:

I can’t stress enough what having consistent, repeat business, not to mention a robust referral rate, does for the bottom line.

Sales are now the easiest part of our jobs! Why? Because our clients, who’ve had positive, memorable experiences, have often already made the sale for us!

The Keep In Touch Kit is the exact system my team uses on a day-to-day basis in order to consistently WOW our clients.

It’s what sets us apart from the multitude of travel options out there. It’s what has led to millions of dollars in bookings.

If you are ready to have a transformation in your business, if you are ready to play big, be beloved by clients, and make a real mark in this industry then the Keep In Touch Kit is a must.

You can either have this proven, turnkey system TODAY or spend time and resources developing one yourself. The choice is ultimately yours.

I hope you choose to play big.

Hambe Gashle (“Go Well”)

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P.S. You get EVERYTHING you need to set up an amazing system that will transform your business. A true turnkey system. You get templates for emails and cards, a timeline and suggested budget, framework and checklists for setting up your campaign, gift suggestions, post booking sequencing, Q+A with me, and more!

P.S.S. In order to qualify for the guarantee you must notify our team in writing no later than 30 days after receipt of purchase. To get the return process started, please email

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